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Omar Bassalti

CEO Singapore

Omar a Chartered Professional Italian Mechanical Engineer of Politecnico di Milano with 12+ years working experience for companies project oriented, mainly Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. In December of 2015 starts the passion for FinTech and cryptocurrencies market and with a group of partners in 2017 formalises Gentium Capital a partnership firm within the FinTech and cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the Italian Association, he is the President with supervision of Commercial and Financial team. Detailed, meticulous on numbers, costs, cash flow and profit. Omar moved to Singapore in December 2010, he is married with Ling and they have two babies, Victoria and Caesar.

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Bright ReGreen Beginnings

In the biennium 2013-2014 the idea behind what have became today ReGreen City was already popping out. Even thought with difficulties in Italy and especially in South of Italy where sometime the bureaucracy is even worst than the business limits and such start-ups as ReGreen City gets the stones at feet. In 2014 within a small group of friends - also involved in politic - the Smart Network idea pop out.

Company Setup - Business Model

We understood there was a massive work to be done and the idea behind ReGreen City could because really a melt-in pot of ideas coming and aiming different reasons to do this business. We have setup the company in 2015 defining its scope o work limits trying to figure out how to help the cities and at the same time make everything - included our business - sustainable.

Smart Network Development and the Patent

Completed all the steps in 2015 on the Business Model and the Design of ReGreen Points and Network we have been part for the first time of an important Green Fair in Italy. And at the same time we have applied for the Patent which is one of cornerstones of ReGreen.

Internationalisation - ASEAN (Singapore)

On the end of 2017 we started to see abroad due to the Italian's limits. We open officially ReGreen to international VCs, investors and pushing the company till to ASEAN and with our CEO - Omar Bassalti - we have registered and opened ReGreen Pte. Ltd. in 2019 we are going to approach South Korea and Japanese markets and more.

Quality for the Environment

ReGreen Pte. Ltd. ha intention to implement the highest company international standard as well as within the wast management recycling framework.

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